the Making the Amazon Kindle case

Read the Making the Amazon Kindle case on page 533.

By the end of day 7, provide a written analysis of the case, giving a brief synopsis and answering the following questions:

What criteria drove Amazon's decision of where to produce the different components that go into the Kindle? Were these the right criterion?
Some have argued that the fact that only $40-$50 of the value associated with manufacturing the Kindle goes to U.S. companies is a sign of the decline of American competitiveness. Do you agree with this assessment?
If Amazon had decided to design and manufacture the Kindle and all its components in the United States, what do you think the consequences would have been for Amazon?
Post your analysis as a 3-5 page (doubled-spaced) Word document. Use 12 pt Times New Roman font, proper grammar, and APA writing style. Your paper will be graded using the following rubric:

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