Write 400 words explaining the difference between a product and a service

Write 400 words explaining the difference between a product and a service, as well as differences or similarities in how they are marketed/positioned in the marketplace WITH EXAMPLES. Include at least three references and to put quoted material in quotes.

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...nd customer centric environment are aimed at satisfying the needs and wants of the customers in the best possible manner and are focused at creating awareness, need and demand among the customers, significant differences exist between product and service marketing due to the individual characteristics of each.

As product is tangible and carry a physical evidence, it is much easier to manage evidence in the case of product. Target customers can personally feel and touch the product before buying. However, services are intangible and thus, it is a big challenge for service marketers to manage the evidence in the case of services and convince customers to buy the service. For example, marketers involved in marketing a car have the option to show the physical car to the prospective buyer. However, marketers selling car service have no such option and cannot physically show the service. Therefore, in such ...