Calculate the real return, average real return, risk premium, average risk premium and standard deviation of risk premium in the given case.

Here are the inflation rates and U.S. stock market and Treasury bill returns between 1929 and 1933: 1929 Inflation=-2, Stock Market Return=-14.5, T-Bill Return=4.8. 1930: Inflation=-6.0, Stock Market Return=-28.3, T-Bill Return=2.4. 1931: -9.5, -43.9 and 1.1. 1932: -10.3, -9.9 and 1.0. 1933: .5, 57.3 and .3.

A. What was the real retun on the stock market in each year.
B. What was the average real return?
C. what was the risk premium in each year?
D. What was the average risk premium?
E. What was the standard deviation of the risk premium?

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