Business Ethics for Facilitating Payments

1. Why do some countries have more corrupt business practices and lack the integrity found in other countries? What are the underlying reasons for these differences? Please be specific with some discussion. What are possible solutions to bridge the gap in the differences?

2. Facilitating payments or bribery is an acceptable business practice in many cultures. What can multinational companies and the global community do to reduce bribery? What effect do US laws have on US companies conducting business overseas in relation to bribery? Where are possible measures that can be taken to "level the playing field" for US based companies?

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...immersed in our culture and our moral system and return home wanting change. When enough of these leaders are educated, change is possible. Another way to bridge the gap is to have country leaders to sit down and have discussions. Perhaps if leaders understand one another better, a mutually beneficial system of business can be arranged.

2. Multinational firms must never engage in bribery and must stick together and take a hardcore stance on the issue. Only when all firms ban together can they create a demand for their products without the need for a bribe. Once a single firm gives a bribe, bribes become the norm and the host countries expect them for then on. Once one firm gains admittance through a bribe and isn't caught, a second, then a third and so forth number of firms follow suit.

US laws have the range of being capable of fining the employing company and the individual employee engaged in giving ...