California Health Insurance Exchange Website

Browse the California Health Insurance Exchange website, Covered California, in this week's Learning Resources.
Consider that states are supposed to make these websites user-friendly and appropriate for a person who reads at the eighth-grade level (the typical U.S. public health standard). Reflect on your own experiences in accessing the state exchanges. It may also be helpful to get some additional feedback from friends or family members (not in the health care business) to ascertain their impressions of the websites you are evaluating. Consider the following:

• The average American's health care literacy; in other words, can they comprehend what they are reading on these sites to make an informed choice?
• What are your impressions? Is the site user-friendly? Is it easily accessible?
• What about support for people with disabilities?
As you evaluate California Health Insurance Exchange website, be sure to look at the "2015 Covered California Shop and Compare Tool" section of the site.

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