Essay/Reflection Paper Business Ethics

Ethics in business relationships include both the external and internal relationships that develop around the organization.
For this assignment, we will focus on the internal relationships that develop inside the organization. Studies have
indicated the more positive the environment within the organization, the more productive the employees.
Research one or a combination of these job-related topics found within organizations: job discrimination, reverse
discrimination, sexual harassment, bullying, and/or unsafe working conditions. Your essay should address the following:
1. Briefly describe the issue.
2. Explain the significance of any ethics-based decision your research finds and the affect it had or has on overall
morale, relationships within the organization, and ultimately overall productivity levels.
3. Research a minimum of one company involved in this type of issue.
4. What best practices might a company implement to avoid negative behavior within their organization?
It must be a minimum of two double-spaced pages. You are required to use at least two credible references.

Select a significant tragic event (either domestic or global) that has occurred over the last 50 years. The interactive
presentation in this unit provides some ideas of historical tragic events, but understand that these are just ideas. After
describing the event and the post-tragedy events, discuss the ethical aspects revolving around this incident.
1. Describe the actions of people and organizational leaders directly and indirectly involved with the tragedy.
Specifically, address the ethical issues they faced.
2. What were some of the actions of local, state, and federal personnel with respect to dealing with this tragedy?
3. Explain the strategies of organizations that attempted to assist with the clean-up after the tragic event. Describe
several of the pressures that influenced their strategies. Distinguish between social responsibility, integrity, and
simple business ethics.
4. How has this event affected the ethical culture here in the United States? What other effect has it had on society
as a whole?
5. What other lessons might we learn from this event in the future?

You are required to use at least one scholarly source in your response.

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