Kava Decisions in Paradise Critical Thinking

Decisions in Paradise Paper, Part III

Analyze the Business Scenario Decisions in Paradise found in posting ID # 243355 at this link: https://solutionlibrary.com/business/management/243355

1. Read the Business Scenario Decisions in Paradise.
2. You are Nik, and your employer is the organization represented by Alex, Nik, and Chris.

Using the information from the case, independent research, the mission of your current organization, and Week Three and Four assignments, prepare a 1500-1,750-word paper, which you describe your rationale and plan for implementation for the proposed solution(s) for your organization to establish a greater presence on Kava by:

a) Determine factors affecting decision implementation in an organization and your proposed solution(s)
b) Evaluate resources and actions required for decision implementation of your proposed solution(s)
c) Evaluate the ethical implications from stakeholders' perspectives of your proposed solution(s)

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Solution Preview

... Nik will consult with a local attorney who has knowledge of the laws of the land, including employment law. Once the attorney outlines the legal factors of opening and operating a business in Kava, the remaining factors will all fall into place.

The Plan - While the ramifications of doing business in this country are significant, Nik will stringently address all of the issues to ensure that the decision to expand into Kava or not to expand into Kava is properly addressed.

Location - With the significant factors of disaster threats, such as, but not limited to, Tidal waves/tsunami, Typhoons/Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Floods, Fires, Volcanic eruptions, Earthquakes, HIV/AIDS and petroleum spills, the proposed location will be a high elevation. The building will be built of earthquake resistant materials that will absorb such an impact and keep the business operating and profitable.

"Yet while the vast skyscrapers downtown now may be built to withstand huge pressures, newly constructed buildings in the not-too-distant future may be able to withstand earthquakes of the magnitude that demolished San Fran one century ago. Working with super-strong materials that can bend, stretch and compress without breaking, engineers say they are working toward the day when buildings will be able to survive earthquakes with little or no structural damage. This according to scientists at Lehigh University, home of one of the largest structural testing facilities in the United States. Scientists at Lehigh University have tested a next-generation "self-centering" system that uses gigantic steel bands to hold building columns and beams in place during an earthquake." (Butcher 2006)

Action Item - Hire company with expertise in this area to properly construct a building that will meet the majority of natural disasters to ensure profitability with minimal loss to the company's business operations.

Contingency Planning - Each factor stated above must be met with a contingency plan to ensure that operations run as normal and that delays in business operations are at a minimum.

When a Tsunami occurs, the majority of the lower elevation of the island will be devastated. By partnering with the National Weather Services Tsunami Warning Center, we, as a business and a country, can plan for such events properly. When a warning is given in advance, the company can prepare alternatives for product delivery and also for the safety of the employees.

When an earthquake is occurs, the ...