Scenario Planning Public Policy

Nobody can predict the future, but proven tools help us illuminate the path ahead so we are able to make better decisions about opportunities and threats in an uncertain future. The most comprehensive of these tools is scenario planning, a storytelling technique that allows managers to explore different plausible model worlds, each based on alternative resolution of the most important pending technological, societal, or regulatory uncertainties facing them.
For this assignment, you will investigate scenario planning further and prepare a minimum of 600 words on scenario
planning in public policy analysis.

Paper should include the following information:
 Discuss the evolution of scenario planning.
 How does scenario planning work in practice?
 Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of scenario planning.
 Compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of various scenario approaches.
 Include a scenario-planning example and a concise conclusion that summarizes the points made in the paper.
 Include references.

Paper must:
 be a minimum of 600 words;

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