Customer Retention, Risk Factor, and Customer Satisfaction

200 words - What are the costs associated with low customer retention?

200 words - What are the ethical and risk factors involved in e-commerce?

200 words - Why is customer satisfaction the key driver to achieving organizational goals and objectives?

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Boles, James (1996) Business Relations

200 words - What are the ethical and risk factors involved in e-commerce?

The ethical ramifications are that the consumer can be misled. was being paid substantial fees from book publishers who wrote "reviews" on the books they were publishing. The public was unaware that the reviews were actually from the publisher themselves and received significant fees for this misleading arrangement.

"Media sites will receive $25 billion in revenue from transaction fees, compared with $17 billion from advertisements, says Forrester Research. Click for auto insurance information, for example, and you're swept to a policy quote page run by InsWeb, which paid Yahoo some $9 million in a partnership deal. Meanwhile, ethical standards play catch-up. Sites that brazenly prostitute their content won't last. But on their jolly way to the grave, they're tarnishing everyone's reputation. Any site that plans to be around for the next five years should disclose all of its financial entanglements. And it should make these disclosures within easy reach. is a model to follow. is not."

The ethical factor involved is fraud. The consumer is not aware that the e-commerce organization is receiving funds through ...