Carl's Bail Bonds: Calculate change in net working capital and net cash flow.

Please help with the following problem regarding working capital management.

Last year, Carl's Bail Bonds reported sales of $58,200 and costs of $22,700. The following information was also reported for the same period:

Beginning Accounts Receivable: $24,880
Ending Accounts Receivable: $21,520
Beginning Inventory: 4,270
Ending Inventory: 6,512
Beginning Accts Payable: 40,680
Ending Accts Payable: 44,540

Based on this information, what was Carl's change in net working capital for last year? What was the net cash flow?

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... payable, so we have to assume these are the only components of Carl's current assets and liabilities.

Note: Accounts Receivable and Inventory are current assets.
Accounts Payable is a current liability.

So, we have: