Case Study Reed's Clothies

Prepare a 350-700-word case study analysis of Case #16: "Reed's Clothier" located in the Cases in Financial Management text, by Sulock and Dunkelberg. Be sure to address the following in your analysis:
a. Briefly summarize the case.

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...were growing each year and that the primary base of ex-VMI graduates was growing. Jim decided to retire and turned the company to his son, Jim Reed II. In 1976, Reed's occupied the first floor of a three-story building in the heart of downtown Lexington with second floor as the store's office and warehouse and third floor to rent out to the law firm. In 1981, Jim decided to expand the retail floor up to the second floor and created a long-term mortgage debt of $880,000. Jim Reed II had slowly increased the amount of inventory in the store in order to capture all the sales opportunity. As a result, sales had doubled in the last 10 years, but ...