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JetSet Machinations New York heads the production of the jet lag prevention tablet, SmoothJet, which is effective in 98% of the adult population, and it carries a fully refundable guarantee. Key ingredients of the tablet include kava kava, which is obtained from Hawaii, melatonin, and a mild natural stimulant processed and imported from France. The combination of these ingredients allows the body clock to adjust smoothly to time change. Freshness is essential to the effectiveness of the product, and its shelf storage life is limited to 2 months after manufacturing.

In JMI, each travel product or production has its own product budget. This budget includes all that is entailed in producing the product, including fixed and variable expenses for production activities such as those related to employees, facilities, deliveries, equipment, and leases.

Describe some items that you would expect to find on each of the individual budgets for this specific SmoothJet product. This would include sales, purchases, operating expenses, capital, and cash budgets. Include considerations for the variable aspects of this product and its sales.

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