I'm at work trying to answer this tough problem. Could you please help me?

To enhance my learing could you please show me how to answer this problem in a intelligent manner?

Come up with an alternative money to currency. Please remember, currency is cash. Do not use any other forms of money, such as, checks, debit cards, and ect. By the way, please do not use precious metals or jewals.

Justify your selections using the three (3) characteristics of money.


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...s a store of value. This means that the value of your item today is worth the same as it was worth yesterday and will be worth the same tomorrow.

So I thought of several items, but many of them do not fit in with the three rules.

For example art might be a good ideal - however, you can't divide the painting into units of accounts, and it does not store value. Perhaps an art piece will deteriorate over time. Maybe people's tastes change and what was of value earlier is no longer considered of worth.

What about sea shells? Well, it ...