Reputational Risk - Citi Bank

Background of my research -- The Reputational risk is the likelihood of bank to suffer a decline in its business because a damage in its reputation from negative publicity about the bank‟s business practices, conduct or financial condition.

I am currently working on a reputational risk research for my Master degree on Citi Bank, and I am looking for some assistance on my in-depth review on Citi Bank Reputational Risk, please assist me on identifying the the key reputational risk incident that happened during 2015 and 2016 for Citi Bank, both positive and negative.

The key focus should be on below key areas:

-Financial soundness of the Bank
-Risk Mgmr & Control environment
-Regulatory Compliance
-Level of Customer's satisfaction
-Management integrity
-Staff competence
-Corporate Governance

Please provide your summary with financial news from reliable sources.
Please use 2015/2016 financial news to support your comments, in order to help me understand how much reputational risk is Citi Bank expose to, and please provide me the reference sources.


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