Strategic Risk Decisions

I am currently working on a research for my Master degree on Citi Bank, and I am looking for some assistance on my in-depth review on Citi Bank internal Strategic Risk, which I find it quite difficult to locate these information. Please kindly provide a detail analysis of below 7 key risk indicators, and please use some supporting news to back up your judgement on these 7 areas (e.g. whether they have High or Low risk on that area)

I want to analyse Citi Bank Strategic Risk through below 7 key risk indicator:

1) Prudency of the strategic decisions according to its size and complexity
2) Citi Bank's responsiveness to changes in the environment
3)Adequacy of resources when carrying strategic decisions
4)Level of Customer's satisfaction
5)Management integrity
6)Track record on strategic decisions
7)Impact of strategic decisions

Please provide news to support your judgement, in order to help me understand how much strategic risk exposure is Citi Bank expose to, and please provide me the reference sources.


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