Structure for research proposal is a large online company that sells chocolates in the US and Canada. Recently, the sales are declining because many competitors are using the Internet to sell chocolates and their prices are cheaper than To better understand the consumer needs and wants and provide better services, the company's CMO suggests that sales department conduct a research to find out if the current consumers are satisfied with their chocolates, and what else the company can do to keep them.

How would you structure a research proposal to send to the CMO? I've worked out a several items I would use and would like input on if you think they are good.

1. research objectives
2. research questions
3. research hypotheses (if applicable)
4. Method (research setting, sampling method, data collection, and data analysis method).
5. Timeline and budget (estimate).

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...olate. Why? Because luxury items are not feasible in this economy. Because people cannot afford to spend as much as previously on chocolate. Because online shipping costs are high. and this can go on and on until you reach some problems that are most basic to work with.

2. research questions
These are the questions you are asking from those basic concepts above. While you need to know the reason for the research, which is your objective (in most cases to improve sales, customer service, etc), these are the actual questions that formulate your hypotheses and inform your research instruments.

3. research hypotheses (if applicable)
You have your questions you want answered. Now comes the times for guesses, ...