Women's rights in the US in the 19th century

What social and economic factors contributed to women's rights during the 19th century? What significant changes in women's education and career opportunities emerged at this time?

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...ed by not allowing them to work 12 hour days. In 1963, the Equal Pay Act was passed and put into effect and this law required that men and women holding the same jobs be paid equally. Furthermore, the Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964 which prohibited companies from not hiring employees simply because of their gender (to protect women worker).

Besides the work place, women were discriminated in many other societal fields. For example, some stories refused to issue credit cards with just the woman's name on it to married women and conversely, refused to give credit cards to women who were divorced. In terms of crime and murder, women who shot and killed their husbands were arrested on murder charges but if the man killed the wife, it was simply seen as a "passion of shooting."

The woman at the forefront of women's suffrage was a woman by the name of Susan B. Anthony who was Vice President of the National Women's Suffrage Association.

In the end of the 18th ...