Affirmative Action Case Study

1)Why are all employers required to implement affirmative action plans? If not all, which category of employers must implement a plan? If an employer subject to an affirmative action plan engages in discriminatory action, what types of sanctions can be levied upon the employer?
120 or so words.
2)In what ways do the standards used to attribute liability for harassment to employers differ depending on whether the harassers are managers, coworkers, or third parties? Regardless of whether the harasser is a manager or an employer, what are some things (at least three) that the company should be mindful of when investigating complaints of harassment and when disciplining offenders?
120 or so words
3)Demonstrate your understanding of these terms by using them correctly in a paragraph you create. Creativity is encouraged, but not required; a realistic scenario would be best. Do not simply provide a definition for the terms. Terms: narrowly tailored, consent decree, reverse discrimination, strict scrutiny, reasonable basis, underutilization.
120 or more words
4)An employee approaches human resources with concerns that he/she is the victim of workplace bullying. In reviewing the situation, the human resource employee determines that there does not appear to be any Title VII discrimination evident. Even if the employee does not have a legitimate action under Title VII, are there any other claims that the employee could bring against the harasser and the company? What steps, if any, should the human resource employee take in order to deal with the bullying allegation?
120 or more words

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