Compensation Plans

Based on the attached chart please address the following in 500 or more words. Compensation plans for the sales people ONLY not marketing people.

Compensation plans for sales personnel. How can sales personnel be compensated so that they are motivated within each of the areas by both monetary and non-monetary means? How can sales managers control the sales staff through compensation methods?

Please provide references/links (prefer U.S. internet articles ONLY) so that I could refer to the articles.

I really appreciate your help and thank you.

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...ified employees
? "President's Club" Membership - annual Outstanding Employee Award for the exceptional sales. Those that meet the criteria become the members of the "President Club" and are invited to the annual dinner celebration that includes presenting the members with the monetary gift and possibly another perk such as a 7-day-vacation. Such initiative is both monetary and non-monetary
Non-monetary Compensation
? Recognition Activities - ei. Golf tournaments
? Praise - some of the most effective forms of recognition cost nothing at all. A sincere word of than from the right person ant the right time ca mean more to an employee than a raise, a formal award or a whole wall of certificates or plaques.
? Public Recognition - ei organizational communiqué (ei. Bulletin board, mass-email, intranet, company newsletter)
? Time Off - extra vacation time or time off with pay
? Recognition Items/Trophies/Plaques
? Education/Personal Growth/Self Development - subsidizing a portion of tuition ...