Conduct a discussion on the discussion board on the topic of, "How Human Resource management concepts and techniques can be of use to all managers."

MGT330 DB Unit 1 2 paragraphs
Conduct a discussion on the discussion board on the topic of, "How Human Resource management concepts and techniques can be of use to all managers." This is done via engaging in dialogue with each other on the DB.
Next, review and analyze the discussion board postings. Post your own summary of key concepts discussed (one paragraph) and second paragraphs on five specific ways in which you feel these concepts are useful. Remember to include ways in which implementation and usage could have important consequences for an organization.

Unit 1 IP 3-5 Pages
Using your text and additional internet resources, create the following for an organization.
1. A sexual harassment policy statement. Remember to defend your policy with valid reasoning and effective documentation. The policy statement should be realistic and thorough (it should resemble something an actual company would use to convey its sexual harassment policy to employees).
2. Outline the steps that will be taken if a manager or member of the human resources department receives a sexual harassment complaint from an employee.

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Zweig, M.C. (1991). Human resources management: the complete guidebook for design firms published by: John Wiley and Sons Retrieved April 28, 2009. from,M1


The response addresses the queries posted in 1049 words with references.
//Before discussing about sexual harassment policy, we will understand what human resource policy is. Human resource policy has an important role in the organization. We will discuss about the sexual harassment policy with the following points and also discuss how it will affect the environment of the organization


Sexual harassment refers to unwelcome sexual behavior by a supervisor or a senior towards an employee. It includes any unwelcome pressure for sexual activity. It also includes unwished sexual advances, requests for sexual privileges, other verbal or non verbal behaviour and gestures and conduct which directly or indirectly affects an individual's employment, work performance and creates a hostile or violative work environment. In the US, Sexual harassment is a form of discrimination, that violates title 7th of the Civil Rights Act 1964.

There are some examples which can be included in Sexual harassment

Unwanted jokes, gestures, noisome words on clothing, and unwelcome comments.
Touching any part of the body and grabbing an employee around the waist-cloth.
Transmitting or posting sexual or other harassment- related Emails or pictures.
Displaying sexually posters and pictures.
Playing sexually suggestive music.
Categories of sexual harassment

Sexual harassment generally has two categories.

Quid pro quo - It occurs when an employee's compliance to sexual requests for sexual favors is made a condition of his or her employment; or his/her submission to or rejection of such conduct is explicitly or implicitly used as a basis for employment decisions affecting him/her, such as reappointment, transfer, promotion, merit increase, access to staff development, etc.

Hostile work environment - It occurs where sexual conduct intervenes with an employee's work so seriously that it creates a work environment that he/she finds restraining, hostile or offensive. (LeMoncheck 1997)

Sexual Harassment Policy

The sexual harassment policy promotes the reporting of all the happenings of sexual ...