Human Resources Strategic Poisitioning Plan Part 2

Human Resources Strategic Positioning Plan - Part 2
Prepare a 3,000-3,500-word paper integrating theories and concepts from your text and other sources as you review the Riordan Manufacturing virtual organization on your rEsource page. Based on your researched information, create a Human Resource Strategic Positioning Plan for your client. Include a summary of Part 1 in addition to the following elements in order to support your recommendations.
a. One-page executive summary
b. Recruiting and Retention
1) Analyze methods for recognizing and retaining key employees and workers
2) Identify a process to replace key executive talent
3) Develop a process to identify high-potential employees; develop a process to "fast track" these employees
c. Legal Ramifications
Legal implications of issues covered in this assignment (e.g., as you consider your proposal, have you thoroughly researched any legal implications)?
d. Training and Development Program
Identify elements of an effective training and development program.
e. Technical infrastructure
·Apply the elements of an effective technical infrastructure. Include application of information (such as requirements and considerations) provided by an HRIS.
f. Globalization
·How is your strategy affected by the company's decision to "go global" with its plant in China? What are the HR-related implications? Assess the challenges and opportunities of multinational cultural diversity and international talent management.
g. Recommendations
Make final recommendations to the client.

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...sign the job profiles and make teams for gaining effective performance from the employees. The job rotation strategy will assist the organization in providing knowledge to the employees for managing different positions, which develops confidence level of employees and simultaneously, improvement in the performance of employees for doing different jobs. The main outcome of retention process is getting effective management of organizational practices by fulfilling the work requirements and ambitions of the employees in an optimum manner (Retaining key employees).

//Now, we will gain information about the process to be implemented by the Riordan Manufacturing Company for replacing the key executive talent. Along with this, we will also discuss about the process for identifying the high potential employees within the organization. We will also write about the process to fast track the high potential employees. Then, we will write about the legal ramifications of the HR practices to be managed by the organization at the global business level. //

The implementation of succession planning program will assist the organization in replacing the key executive talent with the newly hired and groomed employees. The process provides potential opportunities to the employees for growth within the organization and induces employee training and development programs for fulfilling the replacement needs of the organization. Succession planning is also important in the enhancing the pool of talented employees within the business for replacing the key executive talent. It is also helpful in the implementation of strategic plans in the organization for making the human resource practices of the organization effective (Holbeche, 2001).

With the assistance of the succession planning program, Riordan Manufacturing Company will efficiently identify the high-potential employees within the organization. By analyzing the key characteristics of the employees, such as managerial potential, collective judgment, leadership capability, motivation level, creative thinking, cross-cultural cognizance, risk taking ability, etc. high potential employees can be identified from the human capital. The skills, qualities, talent and performance of the high potential come out to be different from that of the other employees.

High potential employees get promoted to the higher levels in the organization, on the basis of their qualities and capabilities. Succession Planning Program proves helpful in fast tracking the prospective employees to the higher positions. The process will assist the firms in grooming the high potential employees, so that they will attain high positions in the organization and gain growth opportunities within the organization. Along with this, they will be competent enough in retaining the persuasive and proficient employees; also in sustaining the talented personnel for attaining competitive advantage from the market (Holbeche, 2001).

Legal Ramifications

For the management of business operations effectively and attaining the business objective effectively, Riordan Manufacturing Company requires focusing on the legal framework of business. The HR practices of the company are required to be managed in accordance with the Employment Law and Civil Rights Act. The recruitment, selection, training and development, retention and compensation policies of the firms should be in accordance with the legal framework. There should be no discrimination in the recruitment and training programs of the company. The company's compensation policy should be based on the Employment Law, so that all the employees will be competent enough in attaining equal benefits from the organization (Vance & Paik, 2006).

//As per the directions, we will write about the training and development program for the Organization. We will also discuss about the elements of an effective training and development program. It will assist in understanding the importance of these developmental programs for a Business.//

Training and Development Program

Training and development programs are necessary to be implemented in the Riordan Manufacturing Company for grooming the employees effectively, so that they will offer their best performance, as per the requirements of the job. Training and development programs are also helpful for the organization in increasing the job satisfaction level and morale of the employees. It also assists the organization in retaining and attracting skilled, as well as, the talented employees. The performance of the employees can be aligned towards the attainment of long term goals and objectives of business; and gaining higher profits for the business in the competitive market place (Schuler & Jackson, 2007).

The major elements of an effective training and development program for Riordan Manufacturing Company are:

Ø Cooperation and Commitment from the Top Management: The top management of the company should provide support to the management for establishing effective training and development programs. It is due to the reason that the top management's support in the financial and facilitation process is essential for the success of training and development program. It provides commitment to the program managers for effectively grooming the newly hired and internal talent.

Ø Skilled Facilitator: The skilled facilitator will assist the organization in successfully and efficiently implementing the training and development program. The facilitator will induce the learning style, as per the requirements of the learners. Along with this, the facilitator also supplies effective feedback to the participants and gains effective participation. He also sustains learning environment for the participants in the training and development program. The organization requires focusing on allocating skilled facilitator for making the program triumphant and in favor of the organizational goals.

Ø Well -defined goals for the Training and Development Program: Riordan Manufacturing Company requires focusing on defining the goals and objectives for the training sessions. Along with this, the participant's objectives are also required to be identified and considered for becoming successful in the training and development program. It will assist the company in effectively orienting the employees towards the organizational culture (Vance & Paik, 2006).

Ø Distinguished Target group and Resources: The employees should be identified by the management of the company for the training and development program. Individual participation is necessary for the orientation and development of the employees. Along with this, the program should be well equipped with the resources essential for effective management. Administrative commitment makes the process of resource allocation effective for the training and development to be easily accomplishable.

Ø Analysis and Evaluation of the Program: The analysis and evaluation process includes the assessment of the skills, knowledge and behavior of the ...