Human Resources Strategic Positioning Plan Part 1

Human Resources Strategic Positioning Plan - Part 1
Assume that your learning team is a consulting firm and Riordan Manufacturing has hired you. It realizes that potentially a large group of baby boomers could retire soon. You have been hired to prepare a comprehensive Human Resources Strategic Plan for this company that will sustain the human capital and enable the organization to:
a. Meet its ongoing goals
b. Support the organization's goal to attract key technical and leadership human capital for long-term competitive advantage
Locate the Riordan Manufacturing virtual organization on your rEsource page. Then, prepare a 2,000-2,500-word paper addressing the following elements:
a. Company and Workforce Overview
1) Identify the company goals and needs
2) Evaluate the company's business requirements for human capital
3) Describe how organizational culture plays a role in human resources
4) Assess workforce diversity issues
b. Prepare a "continuity plan" that includes the following workforce assessment:
1) Workforce demographics: What are the implications of changing workforce demographics including the aging workforce?
2) Job satisfaction: What are elements that lead to job satisfaction (e.g., money, flexible schedules, training, recognition)
3) Single point failure: Identify critical skills ("single point failure"); develop a plan to mitigate this single point of failure
4) Recruitment and selection:
a) Methods to recruit and select potential employees (logistics, media campaign, use of agencies, colleges, job fairs, promotional materials, interview process, relocation plan)
b) Methods to recruit other kinds of workers in the organization (e.g., part-time employees, supplemental workers, contingent workers, etc.). What is the rationale for the use of a variety of workers? What are the associated risks and advantages to using these types of employees and workers?
5) Recommendation. Develop a recommendation for a comprehensive selection strategy that meets the business objectives noted above.
Throughout your paper, integrate theories and concepts from your text and other sources as you review your organization. That is, what do the experts say should be happening; how does this relate to what is happening in your organization?

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Ø International Business: Local Market of the company has arrived at the saturation stage and competition in the local market has increased. So, for the sustenance of the business, it seems better for the Riordan Manufacturing, it should go behind the local boundary for the business purposes ( Schwetje, Vaseghi & Jodi 2007).

Human Capital Need of the Company

As we know that employees are the assets of the company. Without the employees, one can not imagine about the company's existence. Employees are the key factor for an organization. The work force of the company can make a competitive advantage over the competitors because the intelligence of the workers can never be copied by the rival firm. They can copy the product; but it will not be able to imitate the human intelligence. The requirement of workers is essential in every business activity, whether it is small or large.

Reordan Manufacturing is going to trade out side the national boundary. So company is planning to open an International Department in Michigan. Thus, the firm requires a skilled work force for the new International Department. The employee of the department should be able to comprehend the international culture, as well as, the external forces like political issues, legal environment etc. because, the growth of the department depends on the employees. As much as the workers are skilled, the chances of growth are increased. For the international department, there is a need of a global Business Manager. There is also requirement of line and the staff managers. The company is planning to open a new manufacturing unit in Texas. So, there is a need of huge number of the employees for the manufacturing unit. The flour level workers, supervisors and foramen are required. Company can transfer its old employees from the Michigan unit to the new unit; but the company will recruit the new employees from Texas because of the cultural differentiation in Texas and Michigan. People of Texas will be easily able to comprehend the needs and wants of the customers.

// After discussing about goals, objectives and requirement of the human capital in the business activities; We have known that the employees play a very critical role in the company's growth. As per the instructions, we will move further and discuss about Organizational Culture, work diversity and continuity plan of the business.//

Every nation has its own values, beliefs and culture. Culture of Japanese unit is different from manufacturing unit of America. Organizational Culture affects the human resource management policy of the company. If in the organization, there is the Macho type culture, there is quick feedback and high rewards. Employees have to work hard with much speed, because the reward and performance of the employees are evaluated immediately. Another type of the culture is "work hard". In this type of culture, the organization does not take high risk. So, employees have to do work, keeping in mind the safer side of the organization.

Workforce Diversity

All employees expect from the company that the company provides equal opportunities for their growth. The cut throat scenario is making it necessary for the firms to recruit diverse workforce. The diversity of employees can create a competitive advantage for the organizations through problem- solving capability and increased creativity. The research fact should be followed by the Riordan. In this present scenario, manufacturing units are far diverse than corporate office. 11% African American, 9% Asian, 8% Hispanic, 70% Caucasian and 2% Native American are in the corporate office. The issue is that the corporate office holds the main position, which can benefit from the diverse workforce. That does not cover whole area as California is ...