IBM HR Strategic Management

Sir request assistance and guidance on completing Analyze HR Strategic Management Case. I have attached my draft copy, need assistance with Current status IBM Talent Management and Critical Analysis to improve IBM Talent Management section.

Please see attached draft paper and assignment guidance.

Assignment Guidance:
1). Current Status
What is the current status of IBM's talent management system? Research IBM's website and other sources to assess the effectiveness of the original plan? How has the talent management system evolved? (Accurately describes IBM's current TM system supported with reliable research and citations; compares the current TM system to the 2003 plan. Fully discusses how the system has evolved).

2). Critical Analysis
Based on overall case analysis, identify two recommendations to improve IBM's talent management system. Be sure to clearly link your recommendations to your SWOT analysis. (Consistently employs critical analysis; effectively researches, synthesizes and integrates data to draw valid conclusions and presents 2 recommendations that re clearly linked to the SWOT analysis)

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