Internal/External Selection

Using....Cell Phone Industry , Pharmaceutical, Municipal Government

Identify, compare, and contrast the specific internal and external selection methods used for the occupational groups represented in each industry. What similarities and differences exist across the industries? Can these similarities and differences be attributed to job competencies identified in Week 2 research? How?

Identify and analyze best practices which occur internally and externally for the selection of employees in the occupations represented in the organizations in the three selected industries. Incorporate relevant findings from Week 2 related to specific job competencies across the industries, which impact the selection techniques used in each industry. In particular, explore any notable distinctions in the staffing process, along with job competencies, across industries and for occupations within each industry.

Identify and analyze some of the specific career development initiatives used within each industry and, in particular, discuss how HRD initiatives impact or relate to selection approaches observed across these industries. For example, how might training or other development activities directly influence the approaches to selection?

Explore and contrast the cost and time involved in various identified methods of selection. Contrast the costs and time involved against the validity of each of these methods. Do your findings and analysis map to the findings you have observed across industries? How?

Relate your discussion on various selection methods across industries to the staffing challenges and environmental scanning challenges identified in earlier reports.
Include and integrate at least five recent and industry-relevant, peer-reviewed sources from the South University Online Library and trade publications.

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...external selection, advertisements in press and labor contractors are predominantly used.

Given below is the Comparison and contrast of the specific internal and external selection methods used for the occupational groups in Municipal Government

Comparison: Internal and external selection of employees is widely used in fulfilling the vacancies of municipal government organizations. For the purpose of recruiting and selecting the management level individuals, transfer and promotions are being used widely. On the other hand, executive search agencies, educational institutions and employment exchanges are considered as the means of external selection method (Byars & Rue, n.d.).

Contrast: In this organization, for hiring the employees at the middle and lower level, external methods of selection are deployed, whereas to hire the employees for the top management level, external method of selection is preferred.

// Above I have dealt with the comparison and contrast of internal and external selection methods used at each industry. Moving further, I would be providing the similarities and differences that exist among the industries: //

Comparison among the cell phone, Pharmaceutical and Municipal Government


In cell phone, pharmaceutical and municipal government industry, the method of internal and external selection is almost similar in nature as both the methods focus on hiring new employees through the promotion of existing personnel within the organization. This technique is highly beneficial as it increases the motivation level of employees and organization and saves its additional cost.


The dissimilarity lies in the level of application of these methods; for instance, in cell phone industry, internal and external methods of selection are carried out at broader perspective in comparison to the pharmaceutical industry, where these selection methods are utilized at medium level. Last but not the least, in municipal government industry, internal and external sources are employed at a significantly reduced level (Cooper, Robertson & Tinline, 2003).

Relationship of these similarities and differences with job competencies:

Job competencies relate to the skills and personal uniqueness that should be possessed by an individual to achieve success in the position. Competencies related to the job have huge impact on the selection method at each industry. In cell phone industry, job competencies demand specific industry related skills and qualifications (knowledge of wireless technology) and thus it affects the selection approach. In other industries like pharmaceutical industry, the competencies at job greatly impact selection process. Considering the municipal government organization, job competencies play a vital role in selection process, but to a reduced extent in comparison to the other two industries (Cooper, Robertson & Tinline, 2003).

// Now moving as per the requirement, I would be focusing on the aspect of best practices that occurs internally and externally in each industry in the following manner: //

Some of the best practices include Advertisements, job announcements and online techniques

Cell Phone Industry: Advertisements, job ...