Labor Relations

You've had an initial discussion with Mildred on the basics of unions. She wants to find out more current union issues. Using all resources at your disposal, research and refer to current events. Find an area where there is an issue that includes the concerns of a public employee union (at either a national, regional or local level). You should be able to locate and select a reasonably current situation. However, you may use any situation that is no more than a year old. You may also choose to report on a situation where anticipated conflict is on the horizon as long as you are able to garner enough information to complete the activities enumerated here:
? Summarize the situation detailing the basic facts of the case, e.g., the name of the union, name of the employer, the geographic area affected, any circumstances unique to the case, etc.
? Identify and state the issue or issues.
? Summarize the arguments for and against resolution options of the issue/s
? Analyze how the issue/s and potential resolution/s would or would not be different if it/they were in the private sector.

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