Managing Human Resources: 401k plans (NL&C)

Many companies today offer 401k retirement plans for their employees. A 401k plan can be a great benefit to employees, and is a nice recruiting and retention tool for the company.

At NL&C, this benefit should be discussed during New Employee Orientation, which occurs in a new employee's first week on the job. As part of your role, you are assigned to cover this during orientation. How would you explain this benefit in a way that reaches the audience, is easy for them to understand and emphasizes the advantages of a 401k? How can you make this orientation so effective, that it will result in high participation, less confusion, and fewer phone calls to you for clarification?

Share your thoughts on how to effectively present that benefit during Orientation.

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...s, the training material for new hires needs to be not only there for guidance and educational purposes, but also as a confirmation that new hires have made an excellent choice by joining the organization. The training material and the manual are to be viewed as a welcoming package and company's attempt at the excellent first impression.

401k is an excellent benefit that employers offer to their employees. The way that this benefits needs to be explained in order to eliminate confusion and ensure its understanding is via ...