Outlining the introduction of an essay

Outline the introduction of an essay

I am inexperienced in writing detail papers, and forming basis for a paper.

Cite references from life experience: three main ideas.

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...d, what is the structure of the management/organization, its vision, mission, services or products, partners, core competencies, core activities and value propositions.)

(Here, you will highlight with a little explanation, if the length-limitation permits, the company's main problems for which its daily operations, sales / profit target, value proposition can be hampered)

For example: You can start by saying "In analysing this company we have identified a number of issues facing XYZ both on the company level and the customer level which need to be addressed when marketing its services."

(In this section, you will provide a detailed explanation and description of what and how will you analyze the business: it can be a mixture of financial analysis, marketing analysis, human resources analysis etc. Or it can be analyzed using any of the above tools. This is main body of the paper that contains what you are asked to do. Here, you will write about what you found out about company's business activities. But, the writing should sound more of ...