Performance Management Assessment

Diagnose the performance management system of your current or former organization (name optional), or an organization with which you are familiar, to assess the system and determine if there are business need(s) for change to the system. Research and evaluate three or more options to enhance the effectiveness of the performance management system; recommend the best option and create an implementation plan.

Situation Description
Briefly describe the organization including size, location, product or service, and types of employees, as well as the current performance management system; include relevant background and history.

Performance Management System Diagnosis
Refer to Critical Performance Management Design Questions (Hunt, 2014, chapter 6.4) and/or other respected sources to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the current performance management system identifying the business need for change.

Improvement Options
Based on business needs, research alternatives to enhance the effectiveness and impact of the performance management system. Support your analysis with proven results and outcomes.

After determining evaluation criteria, critically assess each alternative identifying advantages and disadvantages in addressing the identified business needs. Select and justify the best performance management alternative to address the identified business needs; discuss the benefits to the organization of adopting the recommendation.

Implementation Plan
Propose an implementation plan including timing, stakeholders, resources needed, and costs.

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