Sales Goals

1. Why is it important for a company to have sales goals? (200+ word count)
2. How can goals be measured for feasibility? (200+word count)
3. How can results be measured against goals? (200+ word count)

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...the company has no sales goals, the operation process will default and the business could falter. Sales goals are the most important function in business operations, as they keep the company focused and on target. Where there is no focus, there is not target. When there is no target, there are no sales. No sales equal no business.
Hopkins, Tom (2006) The Importance of Individual Sales Goals.

2. How can goals be measured for feasibility? 200+word count
Through a balanced scorecard. "A technique for measuring organizational success and identifying areas for improvement and action. Each perspective requires the managers to identify different factors that are critical to success, and to devise key performance measures for these factors. The resultant 'balanced scorecard' will be a template for the organization to evaluate its overall performance and identify areas of strength and weakness. Of course, the measures on the scorecard will differ from organization to organization, but the principle of 'balance' across these measures will be the same" (Oxford 2009).

The balanced scorecard is a tool that will assist in measuring goals, as it is a snapshot that can be modified at any time. Knowing not ...