A discussion whether or not IT has changed the world considerably.

Make the case AGAINST the following claim: The move to the networked economy has fundamentally changed the role of IT in the organization and the way IT should be managed.

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... corporations IT is either a core competency or a means to deliver the core competency. As a result, it needs to be managed appropriately. For an IT-based organization, it often helps set the direction of the organization. It serves both a strategic and managerial function and is often integrated with other functions in order to streamline the supply chain activities. In contrast, IT still serves a support function in most of the non-IT based organizations (Ex. Crown Corporation). IT still sits in the silo, as it is not a part of the core competency. It is still primarily technical in nature and it follows the direction set by the top management. These organizations may be in a networked economy but for them information technology is a ...