Wal-Mart strategic supply chain model Problem

I have selected Wal-Mart as an organization to do for my paper. I need help with the following:

1- Demonstrate the relationship between supply chain management and e-business.
2- Make recommendations for improvement to the current supply chain, including a strategic supply chain diagram

At least one reference should be used.

Looking for your professional response.


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...el and strategic level. There are five basics elements of a supply chain management system such as plan, source, make, deliver and return. On the basis of supply chain management, Wal Mart has become world's largest company.

E- Business is a business that uses the upgraded technology for doing business activities such as selling goods through internet, online training to the staff, web marketing and online communication etc. The tools of E- Business are mobile, internet, intranet and file transfer etc.

There is intensive relationship between supply chain management and E- Business. If a company uses the technology to manage its supply chain, it is called E- supply chain management. Through E- supply chain management, company can make its supply chain management efficient and well organized. Wal Mart uses just time approach in inventory management. This can only be possible when a company's technology is sound and appropriate. Wal Mart is a leader in channel management, inventory control, distribution and customer service. These things show the company's ability of managing complex information and distributing network and manage supplier relations with the help of new technologies and seamless flow of information. So, we can say that there is an important role of IT in the Supply Chain Management. In the E- business, the orders of the goods are taken on the online basis. So it has become necessary for the company to be prepared for procuring raw material or other things to the customers with quick service as now the orders are received online. As Wal Mart gets the order online, it sends information about the order to its supply management department for supplying the goods (E-business and supply chain management 2009).

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