Comparing Websites of Business-to-Business Products

Go to a website for a company selling business-to-business products or services. Compare this site to one selling consumer products or services. What are the differences? To whom is each targeted? Discuss.

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In this case, here are some of the characteristics:
- There may be many transactions a day, but small volume
- The customer is attracted to the product based on price and service - it is rare to have contracts with b2c site
- Price is often non-negotiable and stable
- Consumers conduct more research on products

What would be the differences:
- On a business-to-business site, you most often can't buy online with your credit card since the transactions are more complex and involve more of a relationship between buyer and seller. On a business-to-company site, you can put in your credit card, make one purchase and that is it. Since you are building more of a relationship with a business-to-business, it is best ...