Consumer responsibility versus corporate responsibility

Take a position on consumer responsibility versus corporate responsibility as it relates to ethics in marketing. Who is responsible? Is it a matter of buyer beware, or do corporations hold the responsibility to maintain ethical practices and not mislead with strategies like the "fine print"?

To complete this, select a topic, analyze it, form a position (pick one side or the other do not stay impartial) and defend that position while using your critical thinking skills and persuasive writing. Please remember to support your position with discussion and examples.

Is it a simple case of buyer beware or do the companies hold the ethical responsibility in your chosen scenario? There is no right or wrong position, as this is an opinion situation, don't forget to incorporate marketing concepts into the paper.

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There could also be backlash against stores that participate in unethical marketing. Here are a few unethical practices that get consumers very angry:

- advertising a price on a product, and when the consumer gets there the store is "sold out" but they are shown a more expensive product
- a sale is advertised, but the product rings up differently at the cash then on the shelves
- there are "catches" associated with a sale - getting a free tv when you buy a couch might actually entail buying the full furniture set when you only wanted the couch
- offering financing for the product, but at an unreasonably high interest rate
- offering promotional items that are of very low quality

These might be ways to get ...