Customer Retention Strategy: private member health clubs

"Identify the critical factors that form a successful customer retention strategy."

I'm writing a literature review of the above question and don't know which topics need to be included.

I've looked at relationship marketing but need to include service quality, customer satisfaction, customer expectations and customer perceptions.

I need a detailed and structured essay plan, covering all the aforementioned points and any more you would consider important.

The case study is on private member health clubs.

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... book and lectures, and the literature that you have retrieved. Once you have decided why and how these components are important to relationship marketing, you are well on your way to creating your essay! As you are addressing these questions yourself, you should make jot notes. Then, within each of your "piles" of journal articles, books, etc., start to find places that relate service quality/customer satisfaction/customer perceptions back to relationship marketing and your jot notes. The goal when creating a literature review is to create some assumptions yourself first about the topic, and then find the research that either supports or provides an alternate viewpoint. Once you have identified how each of your points relates back to relationship marketing, and you have divided your literature accordingly (using sticky notes or whatever works best for you), you are ready to work on an outline!

What I have created here is a sample outline for this assignment. I have organized the major topics for you, but the sub-topics will be for you to fill out and explore.

First, I will refer you to File#1 to see this sample outline. Once you have looked at the outline, come back here to read my explanations.

Every essay should have a structure. As you have seen in the sample outline, this structure includes an introduction to the topic ...