Identifying the targeted market group for new product

McDonalds will be introducing new product line of health foods and beverages. The menu will consist of all natural food products with no preservatives or chemically processed foods. McDonald's new healthy food menu will also include a line of healthy beverages.

In 350 words explain who will be the targeted market group(s) for a McDonald introduction of their new line. Please also explain why each group will be targeted; explain what geographical location will be targeted for marketing and reason for the selected area. Recognizing the diversity of customers, identify the different market segments and their needs.

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...estyle, such as sportspersons or people who are always on the move or active in one of the other activities and need health foods and beverages to support their active lifestyle.

Although geographical location for such products will be quite diverse, people in large cities or urban areas that maintain a very unhealthy, stressful lifestyle and crave for healthy foods or alternative food products to make their lifestyle more healthy will be the primary focus area, especially in the initial stages. Thus, Mcdonald's ...