Implementing Marketing Plans

1. Why is implementation as important as marketing plan development in achieving marketing success?

2. Why does a marketing plan need a champion or an ownership team? Have you ever championed or been a member of an ownership team? What were your responsibilities?

3. Why are performance metrics important to the implementation process?

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...mpany. Why? The marketing plan was developed but never implemented. The consumer knows nothing of the company and when the consumer does not know about the product, the product becomes a failed product, as implementation never took place.

2. Why does a marketing plan need a champion or an ownership team?

Each marketing plan needs an ownership team as with the plan is owned; it becomes the team's "baby." All babies need to be nurtured and when a team takes ownership of a product, the nurturing begins. The team works hard to produce and promote the product properly to reach the goals set forth and also to reach personal satisfaction. When the promotional aspect of the marketing plan is a success, all stakeholders prosper. Teamwork strives on prospering, not failure. Ownership equals pride. Pride equals performance. Performance equals marketing plan and implementation success.

Have you ever championed ...