Who is the target market for Colgate (Palmolive) - Crest (Proctor & Gamble)?

I am having extreme difficulty locating the target market/audience for the companies as their primary product is toothpaste for all ages of the population coupled with a wide array of other products. For instance, Colgate offers toothpastes for plaque and gingivitis prevention, fresh breath, tartar protection, baking soda, tooth whitening, cavity protection, gels, sensitivity relief and for children ( If to consider the range of Crest, one can find everything to his/her taste and for any age ( Moreover, Matt Barresi, Procter & Gamble's marketing director for oral health care in North America stated that the target customer is "quite an information seeker" (Kramer, 2007). Thus, I am looking for assistance with determination of the target market for these pairs.

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