Marketing research

What is marketing research? How has the Internet impacted marketing research? As a part of your answer, be sure to address time, cost, approaches, and validity. Why is marketing research important to developing marketing strategy?

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The Internet which is an enabling technology has allowed companies to affect both their demand and costs at the same time creating value innovations. The Internet has enhanced the research process and dissemination of information. Due to the arrival of the internet, there was virtual replacement of printed materials, distributions of request. There was collaboration between effected parties. Data management and online analysis were done. There was a publishing and distribution of reports and an online presentation was shown. The Internet has brought millions of people from all walks of life together within reach of any marketer. Because of this, it has provided a brand new platform on which to test out new and existing products and services. Even if they are paying high commission to their affiliates, they can still retain the customer and make all of the profit on any back end products that they may offer. It is certain that the Internet has changed the way that people do their business. It all comes down to marketing research but now the speed of which can be done and it continues to evolve as we see even more changes in the way that research is being accomplished and it promises to help us all in our marketing efforts.
Research can either be primary or secondary. Primary research involves doing original field research both qualitative and quantitative. Secondary research is relatively cheap and easily accessible, but it can be ...