Service System Designs

This question pertains to topic in graduate MBA class for Operations Managment.

Discuss the 3 generic approaches to service system designs -
1. Production Line Approach
2. Customer Participation Process
3. Information Empowerment Approach

Which system is best illustrated by a Dry Cleaning company that contracts its services?

What would be the advantage?

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...into the customer's shoes and the increased likelihood of satisfying customer requirements." (Whittle 1989)

When customer participation is part of the process, the aspect of business operations can be expanded by knowledge. When a business opens, the business management offers products and services that they feel the consumer wants and needs. By bringing the consumer into the business operation process through a relationship, the products can be tailored to the demographic allowing for an additional demand for the products and services offered and, again, an increase in market share.

"To deliver service quality these attributes are operationalised, performance standards set and measurement systems instituted. Good quality is then conformance to specifications and management's task is to control operations and behaviour in line with these specifications." (Whittle 1996)

The dry cleaning business has many services. What services does each demographic want? The customer participation process will advise.

3. Information Empowerment Approach
"While a business intelligence (BI) initiative is strategic in nature and involves a series of projects for implementation, the resultant information requires ongoing maintenance and support. This information is increasingly ...