Social Media Strategy of On The Maps

I need help with social media marketing for my company. I would like for an expert to do the following:

Analyze our social media practices used for On The Maps Digital Marketing Company in Las Vegas.
Evaluate our digital footprint across all channels.
Determine what our customers search for, what devices they use, which social networks they use, the websites and apps they use, and when and how often each is used.
Tell us whether our current messaging strategy supports our brand position with these customers?
If it does not, suggest a strategy that we should implement to better attract and engage with our target audience.
Tell us if the social media footprint effectively moves our customers through the buyer's decision-making process?

A little about us. We are a full service digital agency. And while we are great at marketing for our customer's businesses it is difficult for us to forget everything we know about our industry and get in the minds of our customers to effectively reach and engage with them when they are looking for our services.

Here is where you can find us:

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