Victoria's Secrets

I'm not sure how to start my section of a team paper, in which, we have selected Victoria's Secret introducing a new plus-size line of clothing and lingerie (my section has to be 400 words)

Describe the attributes of your product or service in detail. Identify your USP - Unique Selling Points.

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...n this demographic is vast. Women of all sizes want to feel and look sexy. Lane Bryant, 16 Plus, Fashion Bug Plus and Wal-Mart all sell sexy apparel for this demographic. For Victoria's Secret to expand in to this area would bring in significant revenues, as a portion of the $25 billion currently spent in these outlets could be spent in the chain.
"In the UK, the market for plus-size fashion has grown steadily since 2000, by between 4.7% and 6.5% per annum. All major retailing categories carry plus-size clothing, and within each category, there are a number of ways in which larger-size fashions may be presented. They may simply be extensions of standard ranges to include sizes 16 and above." ...