Adapting Products for International Markets

As businesses opt to expand internationally, it is important to understand marketing techniques for various countries and cultures.

You are the new international marketing team for AIU (American Interests United), based in Hoffman Estates, IL. The company manufactures many types of packaged food products currently only marketed in the USA. The team needs to decide on a product line that can be adapted (or kept standard) for the country you select. Be sure to choose countries located outside the U.S. on different continents (e.g., Asia, Africa, Europe, North or South America, and Australia), and select a foreign country (market) in which to market the line. The food produced by AIU is up to you.

Brainstorm the choices and coordinate the group effort using the Group Discussion Board.

The final product will be comprised of a written proposal including the following sections:

Examination of the international marketing environment for the proposed country
Insights on cultural concerns that need to be considered
Product line to be marketed in the target country and rationale for choice
Target market and rationale for choice
Proposed plan to enter the new market (exporting, joint venture, or direct investment) and rationale for choice.
Any cited materials also to go by attach to assignment

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