CEO Robert Nardelli Forced to Resign

This case assignment is meant to apply the concepts of "organizational stakeholders" to Robert Nardelli, the former CEO of Home Depot. Do some background research on the internet on CEO Nardelli and Home Depot including the MSNBC article listed in your background readings.

Then write a 2-3 page report on the following issues:

Who the are the various stakeholders for Home Depot?
How did this CEO manage the portfolio of stakeholder demands?
How does the present CEO of HOME Depot differ from Nardelli in this regard?

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? Frank Blake, JD: Wikipedia

? MSNBC: "Home Depot CEO Nardelli quits: Home-improvement retailer's chief executive had been criticized over pay"

? CNN MONEY: "Nardelli out at Home Depot: No. 1 home improvement retailer gives ex-CEO $210 million package; vice chairman Frank Blake takes the helm.

? WASHINGTON POST: "Seeing Red Over a Golden Parachute Home Depot's CEO Resigns, And His Hefty Payout Raises Ire"

? USA TODAY: "Home Depot boots CEO Nardelli"

? BUSINESSWEEK: "Home Depot's CEO Cleans Up: CEO Robert Nardelli is a rarity among managers of major corporations: $3 million of his annual bonus is guaranteed"

? MARKETWATCH: "Home Depot chairman, CEO Nardelli resigns"{66FE1A6C-9057-4A4E-9200-E6BC2BCACA66}

> Then write a 2-3 page report on the following issues:
As you are aware, OTAs cannot write papers for students, we can only help with comprehension of matters. Therefore, after reviewing the above referenced articles, the questions below can be answered as I have done, along with additional cited references.

? Who are the various stakeholders for Home ...