Comparing my export marketing plan, to two other plans in packaged goods

Please note I have attached my marketing plan for comparison purposes.

Unfortunately, I had to take out all the visuals, because it was too large to upload. But at least the info is there.

1. Please Research the internet and locate two export market plans for products similar to ¡Qué Rico! (For example, other packaged goods.)

2. Discuss the similarities and differences between these plans and your own plan

3. Draw conclusions on whether your plan seems to be on target or if it is missing critical concepts.

4. Please cite all references!

Thank you!

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Solution Preview

...mmence sales in Australia during December. The Mexican dessert pack plans to sell packs totaling $2.5 million in the first year. The primary responsibility for achieving the sales target will be that of the Australian wholesaler. The company plans to increase its sales to $10,00 million in five years time.


Another product that has an export marketing plan is the Mexican Spices and Herbs Packet. The package has five spices and herbs, namely whole dried Chile Peppers (Chilpods), Ground Chili Peppers & Sauces, Whole Spices, Herbs and teas and a package of "other spices". This package has 4 items and costs $10 in the USA the final consumer price of the product is likely to be $21 in Australia. The company plans to tie up with an importer who has access to grocery stores all over Australia. The responsibility for promotion will be that of the importer. The importer has promised that he will offer a free gift during the initial promotion of the Mexican Spices and Herbs Packet. He intends to carry out a mail/e-mail campaign to promote Mexican Spices and Herbs Packet.

The marketing plan of Mexican Spices and Herbs Packet is start shipping by August 2009. The deadline for commencing sales in Australia is 1st November. The company has plans to sell goods worth $1,0 million during the first year. The responsibility of marketing the goods in Australia will be that of the importer. The company has plans to commence exporting to other countries in the same area like New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia during the next five years. The company expects its sales in the Asia-Pacific region to reach $20 million in the next five years. ...