Global Organization Analysis

Explain the World Trade Ornizations's role in promoting international trade. Compare and contrast the role of the WTO with that of a regional organization, such as the Asian Development Bank, African Development Bank, Latin American Development Bank, and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

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...mework for trade policies. This framework is instrumental in promoting trade. The World Trade Organization encourages the principle of reciprocity so that different trading partners have better access to foreign markets. In addition, the World Trade Organization insists on the enforcement of tariff commitments made during negotiations. The World Trade Organization has dispute settlement method in place where there are conflicts. Further, The World Trade Organization encourages trade by inspiring the policy of transparency. The members must publish their policies and adhere to them. Most importantly, World Trade Organization promotes trade by disallowing discrimination in trade. The member must offer the same trade conditions to all countries. Locally made goods and imported goods should be treated at par. Finally, the World Trade Organization allows members to use trade barriers as a safety device under certain excruciating circumstances.

Let us consider a regional institution, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. This bank has the objective of financing project for businesses ...