Identify the positioning and differentiation strategies

McDonald's has introduced a new line of healthy foods and beverages.

In 350 words, Identify the positioning and differentiation strategies for the product and service. Please provide reference(s).

Discuss how will we communicate, advertise and market our health food product.

Positioning is about how we differentiate our healthy foods and service in the minds of the prospect. Differentiating With Different Types of People...winning customers.

Please provide reference(s).

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...s offering health benefits to people of all ages. Mcondald's will try to differentiate this new line by focusing on the "affordability" factor. As health foods and natural products are usually quite costly, Mcondald's will try to commuicate to its target customers that one need not spend a lot to get access to these healthy food and the new line of health products and beverages are not only health friendly, but also pocket friendly.

Mcondald's will communicate the benefits and affordability as well as presence of this new line of product via an exclusive ...