Impact of Technology in Supply Chain Management

Impact of Technology
Discuss your thoughts concerning the impact of technology on an organization, specifically as it relates to the supply chain and how if facilitates sophisticated materials management systems such as JIT and MRP.

Accommodating Change
Provide your thoughts concerning the process of accommodating change and its impact on an organization. Consider such issues as changes in manufacturing methodologies, customer desires, supply chain management, capacity etc. If you have a real world example to cite, please do so. The link below is a Cisco Corporation video concerning dealing with and implementing change. It is based on a fictitious television news organization that is making some major changes to how it operates and collects news.

Vertical Integration: Benefits and Pitfalls/Risks
Through your own research, identify a business that you consider vertically integrated and in the weekly discussion forum, provide your thoughts concerning the level and value of vertical integration to this organization. Discuss what you perceive to be the benefits and pitfalls/risks of vertical integration and when it does or does not make business sense to do so.
Here is an interesting article about Tesla and its level of vertical integration:

Distributive vs Integrative Strategy (Negotiations)

What techniques need to be employed by both parties when these two opposing negotiating strategies meet to negotiate a deal?

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