Internation Financial Organizations

Evaluate the roles of international financial organizations and explain their impact on the international trade and investments in regards to the stages of economic development.

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...e United States of America and Mexico for financing environmental projects. The financial institution works with communities and project sponsors in both countries in developing finance infrastructure. It influences trade and investments in the US Mexican border. It is believed that preconditions for takeoff exist for Mexicon and the North American Development Bank will be able to commence the take-off.

The third financial institution we consider is another regional development bank namely the Asian Development Bank. This bank was set up with the purpose of bringing about economic and social development in Asian and Pacific countries by giving loans and technical assistance. It is owned by 67 members, of which 48 are from the Asian Pacific and others are from different parts of the world. What is significant is that it seeks to alleviate poverty by encouraging international trade and foreign direct investments. When a country is a traditional society, the Asian Development Bank has created preconditions for take-off and when a country is in the process of take off, the Asian Development Bank has encouraged it to drive to maturity.

The fourth international financial institution that we consider is the Bank for International Settlements. This is an organization of ...