Research materials for Business Innovation

Need following materials for a research of Business Innovation about Manufacturing in PRC (China) after the financial tsunami:

a) the background and rationale;
b) preliminary literature review (this is most important);
c) research questions (about 3 to 4);
d) research method (quantitative), validity and how to analyze the findings

(about 2,000 - 2,500 words, with at least 10 ACADEMIC references from journals or textbooks)

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...hat the global financial tsunami in the year 2008, affected the overall business environment of the People's Republic of China. The new projects of the industry were scaled down and the salaries and benefits of the employees also. The manufacturing industry, construction industry was also affected by the financial tsunami in the PRC. The business innovation in the PRC was also affected due to cost cutting program of many of the business enterprises. The article also provides the information of the expansion and diversification of the economic activities in the PRC to improve the financial condition for the effective business environment. To face the financial tsunami, the Government of the PRC adopted some strategies for the economic diversification and the territorial expansion. Lo also observed that the interventionist policy is adopted by the Government of PRC to address the issues, which have arisen because of the financial tsunami (Lo, 2005).

Effect on Business Innovation about Manufacturing in PRC

The Chinese manufacturing environment is known as the 'innovations in the product and services'. The global financial tsunami has affected the world economy and the financial crisis was causing a global problem. The world economy is moving towards the recession situation. According to the Keller and Samuels, the financial tsunami also influenced the car manufacturing industry of the China as the Government of the PRC disallowed the companies to operate their business activities in China, which were connected with the South Korea and Taiwan. This strategy of the Government affected the various car manufacturing companies in China to operate their businesses, as well as, their new projects. The financial crisis has also caused the manufacturing of the new and less expensive cars in the China. The new technologies are developed to face the financial crisis (Keller & Samuels, 2003). The global financial tsunami is becoming more dangerous for the business environment of PRC.

Measures taken by the PRC Governments after Global Financial Tsunami

The article provides the information about the actions, which are taken by the Government of People's Republic of China to face the global financial crisis. It is because the global financial crisis is affecting the economy of China. The PRC Government announced various comprehensive policies and strategies for the some selected industries and sectors. The article also reviewed the spending of the Government on the various sectors and also the various strategies of it, which are as follow -

Ø To spend on the large scale infrastructure for the new and innovative projects.

Ø To provide a significant support to the different industries; and the small and medium enterprises.

Ø Enhance the innovation and the research and development in the PRC business environment.

Ø To increase the export activities (The Global Economic Crisis: Measures Being Taken by the PRC Government, 2009).

The strategies of the People's Government of China are making its plan to enhance the spending in the manufacturing industry and also in the capital projects. These strategies will help to enhance the economic development in the PRC business environment.

China's Plan to Start Growth:

According to the given journal, to avoid the problem of financial recession, the People's Republic of China is making a large number of efforts. The country has started a program namely 'Economic Stimulus Program' in order to deal with the problem of financial recession. Country has included the capital investment in the large number of business fields such as housing, agriculture, social works, and health industries.

The country has also made deduction in the tax rate to increase its economic level (Batson, 2008). The economists of China are expecting to have a slower rate of growth initially; but it will be beneficial for the country to have large benefits in long run to overcome the problem of financial crisis. The capital state of China, Beijing is having very low growth of economy i.e. about 8% in the recent years. It is needed to make improvement in the field of employment and income level of people. In the previous five years, the growth rate of China's economy has faced a very weak pace. In the year 2007, it just gained about 12% growth in economy. To remove this financial crisis, China is also intending to invest in some new fields such as ...