Six Sigma: Constructing Control Charts

The main issue is too many complaints from customers about bad service.

1) Identify the type (variable or attribute) of data you have collected for the outputs of interest.
a) Construct the appropriate control charts

2) Set the following values: process target (?), upper specification (U), and lower specification (L). Then take appropriate samples to estimate the process mean (µ) and the process standard deviation (?).

Calculate the following for your process:
a) Defectives per Million Opportunities (DPMO)
b) Yield
c) Process capability ratio (Cp)
d) Process capability index (Cpk)

3) Identify the root cause of the problem you are trying to solve
a) Construct a main effects plot

4) Refer to the root cause you identified previously.
a) Prepare a plan to improve the process by eliminating the root cause.
b) Estimate the time and cost involved.
c) Document potential risks during the improvement process and prepare risk responses for the same.

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